This Time It's Alive

by Chris Restaino

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written, performed, and produced by Chris Restaino in Boston, Massachusetts and Montgomery, New Jersey from September-December 2012


released 02 January 2013
Chris Restaino- Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys, Ukelele, Noises, Artwork
Andrea Rose- Vocals on "Sayonara"



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Chris Restaino Princeton, New Jersey

Chris Restaino hails from the mystical land of New Jersey, and journeyed way up north to study music in Boston, Massachusetts. He writes his own music, is one fourth of the band Vitamin Sun and is one half of the band Porcelain Horses. He likes to write biographies about himself in the third person, especially when he is limited to only 400 characters with which to do so. This is just about 400 ch ... more

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Track Name: Diffraction
everyone around looking for info
have gathered here tonight outside my window
who am i to say who stays and who goes
they won't take an order from someone they don't know

and up past the framing
i can hear what they're saying
as the sound's dissipating
it radiates
i can't keep up with their language
while my consciousness is fading

i'm focused on the change in colors
while trying to ignore the others
and all the different sounds above and under
like all the different things they often wonder

and up through the floorboards
i can hear what they're here for
their proven points were underscored
while their plans stayed unexplored
i can't keep up with their paces
i'm behind a few pages

i can't keep up with their paces
no i couldn't for ages
while it all seemed so aimless
it seemed to fade into strangeness
Track Name: Balderdash
what ever happened to the truth?
it used to be a thing
but you'll make believe you didn't hear a thing
and act like your phone didn't even ring
i'm sick of these antihistamines
though i took 'em with caffeine
and it's not what the label says to do
but i never do what i'm told to
and neither do you

i've held out for long enough by now
you've gotta let me in
you can tell the truth or do what we both know you wanted to
caught my reflection in a spoon
now i'm living upside down
or am i right side up
i can't be sure
you made me question everything i know

i'm being lied to
this is all a ruse
none of this is true

it's fiction to me now
lying to my face
is what they're all about

they'll keep it from me
they don't want me to see
they don't want me to see that
i'm being lied to
and this is all a ruse
and none of this is true
Track Name: Counterfeit (Don't Wait)
hiding out from the sun
anticipating the day
and you knew it would come
while making
tiny bets with yourself
ones you know you won't win

now you're feeling so out of it
you just want them to go away
but they won't obey
won't do what they say
they're counterfeit
they will not hesitate
so don't wait
don't wait

'you're nothing special, nothing special at all'
what you're told every day
you believe that they're wrong
and never
has anyone been so false
they were wrong about it all

now you're feeling so out of it
you just want them to go away
but they won't obey
no they won't do what they say
they're counterfeit
they will not hesitate
so don't wait
don't wait

don't wait and see
what you don't want to see
please take it from me
take it from me
if you're asking me
i would flee from the scene
i'd flee because

going into this
i don't feel i'll participate
it's a commercial break

you're out of it
you just want them to go away
but it's a commercial break
it doesn't mean a thing
Track Name: Sayonara
please ma'am won't you listen to me?
all i have to say is what you need
don't go asking me for favors
just for once you be the savior

you're gonna have to get by me any way and every way
you can slice it how you like but it won't change a thing

you're the drip in my kitchen sink
that won't be
won't be
won't be fixed

so much for 40 days and 40 nights
i threw my hope up way too high
threw away my foresight
they will evacuate everyone everywhere
while i just sit and wait hoping they do it here

i need it
can't you see i want it now
i need it somehow
all the people leaving
saying sayonara now
they'll say it now
and they will say
how they remain

i need it
can't you see i want it now
i need it now
but it won't stick
won't stick
won't stick
Track Name: It's Alive!
you're speaking words i don't know
i don't know
my next few words might not show
went AWOL

you're speaking words but i know
i won't know
what words you spoke and i know
and i know
that i won't
be the object of your love
or your laugh
or at least
not the way that i had hoped

you're asking too much
asking too much

this time i'll try
this time i'll strive
last time it was dead
this time it's alive

i heard your laugh
in the crowd
in the crowd
but it was my mind
you weren't there
when i turned around
what i found was nothing to be found
and i know if you were there
you'd just duck down to the ground

oh, i'm being lied to
this is all a ruse
none of this is true
Track Name: Always Changing
friends of my friends took the place of me
while my friends took over for friends
and they're always changing

i still remember the colors
of all the old walls in my house
but they're always painting
always changing

i don't know if you remember
but i don't think i will forget
the constant chasing
always racing
and i can't remember exactly
the time or the place where we met
'cause it's always changing

i'm watching the birds
they're up in the sky
and i wish i was too
detached from the world
with no need to hide
and nothing to do

nothing to do

i can't remember the ending
i don't think it's ever the same
it's always changing